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10 Biblical Keys to Success

September 29, 2009

[Today’s post is by Dr. Wayde Goodall, author of Success KillsGoodall and his wife, Rosalyn, are authors, speakers, life-coaches, ministry consultants and pastors traveling extensively around the globe holding family events and seminars. Success Kills, published by New Leaf Press, is Goodall’s 14th book.]

  1. Trust. This is a day when many struggle with whom they should trust. Your success, favor, creative ideas and unique blessings depend on it.  Psalm 40:4
  2. Success in Your Dream. When we ask our Creator for His opinion before we make life’s decisions, He will be our partner in our dream. Prov. 16:3
  3. Control Your Emotions. Your emotions are neither right nor wrong.  Everyone has highs and lows.  Deciding to control your emotions is a sign you can lead an organization. Prov. 16:32
  4. Avoid a Fight. Walking away from an argument is more difficult that arguing.  Thinking before we speak is a discipline leaders have mastered. Prov. 17:4
  5. How to Get Honor. Knowing Who gave you your gifts and Who blessed your life, along with those who are there to help you is much of the nature of true leaders. Prov. 15:33
  6. Lonely Leaders. Being a leader is a lonely occupation. Knowing those who will stand with you during tough times is a wonderful gift. Prov. 17:17
  7. Watch Your Words. It’s easy to talk.  Thinking about what you say, before you say it, is a discipline.  Avoiding harsh, rude, cruel, and inappropriate words demonstrates maturity. Prov. 17:27
  8. Your Gift Goes with You. When you show up, so does your talents, gifts, and abilities.  God will never ask you to do anything that He hasn’t gifted you to do. Prov. 18:16
  9. Overlook People’s Mistakes. Part of maturity is letting people make mistakes. Letting people try and fail is part of leading. Learning from our mistakes is a gift. Prov. 19:11
  10. Getting Advice is Good. Major decisions in our lives can be dangerous. Seeking advice from people who have been there is a wise choice. Prov. 19:20