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How Do You Get Success in 2010?

December 29, 2009

[Today’s post is by Dr. Wayde Goodall, author of Success Kills. Goodall and his wife, Rosalyn, are authors, speakers, life-coaches, ministry consultants and pastors traveling extensively around the globe holding family events and seminars. Success Kills, published by New Leaf Press, is Goodall’s 14th book.]

I like beginning again with a new year. One of my habits is to begin the New Year with a time of fasting, focus, and follow-through.

Fasting is where I sacrifice certain kinds of entertainment, food, and activities for a period of time. Then I focus on:

  • God’s will for what I do (I do this by giving time to reading the Bible, listening to what it is telling me and asking God for His insights into my life and what I am doing)
  • Who I am (I think about “who” I really am, i.e., motivations, desires, interests, and where I need to improve)
  • How I love and care for my wife and adult children (am I being the kind of husband and father that is honorable, honest, and caring?)
  • How I spend my time.  Here I put together a timeline for the year (looking at the calendar year and making goals, while pacing myself)

Follow-through is where I put my plans into action. Here are my thoughts on how you might become a little more successful in 2010:

  • Success is not only for yourself, but greatly depends on how you focus on concerns outside yourself (people around us).  We are wired to find pleasure, meaning, and success in how we treat the people we love, those who work with us, and in finding ways to help people that are in need.
  • We are happier, feel more content, and more successful when we are part of and contribute to something larger than ourselves and our own needs (giving yourself to a good cause).
  • People who volunteer, and caregivers, are happier than those who never volunteer or are takers.
  • People who are thankful and grateful are happier than those who are mad, bitter, unforgiving, and ungrateful.
  • When we know our strengths and work in areas where we are gifted, we feel more successful, and will have more passion for what we do.
  • When feeling overwhelmed, choose to not look at the entire problem, goal, or challenge. Rather, break it down into smaller pieces and work on them one piece at a time.
  • Decide to be a listener…not just a talker.  When talking to friends, peers, or family, make the most out of conversations by asking them questions that lead to caring answers.  Don’t assume you already know their feelings, opinions, or answers (we often miss what people really want to say).
  • Decide to process, plan, and not procrastinate.  Procrastination is the enemy of our goals, dreams, and success in our work or family.  We tend to procrastinate when we feel we are not working in our skill area.
  • Focus on who you feel God wants you to be (we understand this from what the Bible says). If we are overly self-conscious about how we are doing, or how our efforts will be judged (other people’s opinions), then we often are permitting people or pressure to dictate our behavior.

Start look for success in what you do and in how you treat people, especially your family.