Have You Been Falsely Accused?

November 24, 2009

[Today’s post is by Dr. Wayde Goodall, author of Success Kills. Goodall and his wife, Rosalyn, are authors, speakers, life coaches, ministry consultants and pastors traveling extensively around the globe holding family events and seminars. Success Kills, published by New Leaf Press, is Goodall’s 14th book.]

There is no way you can be a leader, be successful, or reach your goal without being accused by someone of wrong motives or misinformation, or having them question your integrity.

Gossip, false accusations and threats from people who are attacking your reputation can bring damage to you and block your success.

What do you do? Keep integrity as your top priority. If you have done anything less than “high integrity,” apologize and make it right.


  • Understand it is “normal” to feel some guilt, even when you did not do anything wrong.
    • analyze whether this is true guilt…or false guilt
  • It is very common to overreact to the person, threat, or false accusation…think before your say or do anything.
  • Accept reality…you cannot erase what has happened or what was said.  This is real and you will need to deal with it.
  • Write out what you feel needs to happen to clear your name, motives, or false statements about you.
  • Know that people might, or might not, admit that they said [something] about you or did [something] to you.
    • you need to remind yourself you did nothing wrong
  • Find closure, don’t react to what you think people are saying about you.  Walk in truth, don’t be intimidated by what you think someone feels about you and keep doing the right thing.
  • You can’t put out every fire.  You can’t comment, address, or defend yourself with every accusation.  Rumors have a life of their own. Decide to “not” react to everything you have heard about you.
  • Take control…make your stand and take your power back.  Remember, this is a false accusation – you did nothing wrong and your motives were honest.  Be confident in who you are and don’t let this situation paralyze you.
  • Give yourself a gift…be nice to yourself today, go to the gym, take your spouse out to Starbucks (or dinner), call your kids and tell them you love them, go fishing or do something you enjoy.

False accusations are normal.  Jesus experienced them and so will you.  Take the high road and do not let insecure, threatened, jealous people, or “power-players,” take the dream God gave you.


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